Mobile application for camera filter creation

Personal project

20 images from the local storage of the mobile device are chosen randomly to create a mosaic image filter. Choose the size of the tile & take a selfie!

Unity, C#, Android

D e u s  Ex  M a c h i n a

A mixed reality experience, designed to be viewed on a smartphone VR headset while walking around

Group project – Co-designed, developed by Anna Gradou

A pre filmed/designed set of actions takes place live through real-time navigation  in the  physical  space. Thus the navigation in the physical  environment  triggers  virtual  actions based on the steps of the user. Duration: approximately 7 minutes.

Unity, C#, Android, Google Cardboard

P i x C e l l

A hand-based interactive, sound installation based on Conway’s Game of Life.

Group project – Co-designed & developed by Anna Gradou

Conway’s Game of Life rules are translated to sounds. Cells are audio reactive (environment sound, generative sounds, visitor’s voice). Hand-based interaction for cell creation.

Processing, SuperCollider, OSC protocol, Kinect